Thursday, April 12, 2018

Horizon Wars: Gaia Campaign

The Empire of Gaia

The Oceanic Confederation
Now that I have a couple of skirmish battles behind me, I will finalize the starting forces for my two armies. The systems is fast and intuitive. I enjoyed it enough that I decided to run a campaign. This time I didn't feel like fighting in a vacuum.  This is the campaign setting that I came up with.

Gaia: Early days.
As the 22nd Century stormed towards us humans reached for the stars with renewed vigor. Technological advances along with consolidation of the Earth Government in 2083 had made it possible to stabilize the atmosphere. With impending doom averted a a number of ambitious initiatives were undertaken.

The EcoSavlation program pioneered the fields of large scale bioengineering which delivered unbelievable success in regenerating the struggling ecosystems of the home planet. What once looked like certain doom now blossomed with hope.

At the same time the newly formed Gaia Collective government made a massive investment in the pursuit of off world colonization. It was an endeavor that was unlikely to reach completion the life times of the first global administration, but the benefit of the new political dichotomy was it's ability to make (and keep) long term goals.

The New Age of Discovery
The historians indicate that the New Age of Discovery began late in the second decade of the 22nd century. Orbital habitats being built around Jupiter, stable colonies on Mars, Exploratory Outposts on Neptune, and Mining Operation on Pluto and withing the Asteroid Belt were all calling for Gaians to venture into space. They answered in great numbers. In addition to emigration, there was also a need for adventurous souls to begin reaching into the unknown for knowledge and profit.

Turning Tides
The end of the 22nd Century brought many upheavals. The Gaia Collective had restructured itself as a full fledged Empire, complete with hereditary rule. While many on the far flung outpost of civilization rarely interacted with the Imperium government directly, this change was met with widespread hostility. Limited resources and military supremacy limited the scope of an uprising that may have resulted. Some have theorized that it was the necessity of suppressing those resentments that eventually lead to the civil war.

As the Empire marched into the 23rd century unrest bloomed into outright rebellion. The Neptunian Governance declared independence on the 15th of March, 2208. The abundance of energy generated gas giant had enable Orbital Stations and the Triton Colonies to flourish, despite the climate and innate challenges of deep space colonization. For a variety of reasons, from tax laws to limited autonomy, Neptune Orbit was seen as a great opportunity for capitalist expansion. Many orbital manufacturing platforms joined the habitats and Triton in the journey around the blue planet. By some accounts more than half of all the goods in the Empire, including munitions, were built around Neptune.

In 2201 the Gaia Imperium Monarch Triko Davos, facing economic crisis in the other parts of the solar system, decided that it was time to reign in the Neptunian Governance. Limiting their output and raising their taxes would have beneficial effects on the other governances. He had not counted on the fact that 150 years of "special status" recognition had made the Neptunians more independently minded than the other peoples he ruled.

When the Imperium Diplomatic Envoy was refused docking privileges at any of the Orbital Station they landed at the Triton Space Station outside the city of Venton. The security detail had likely never seen large scale protests in their life times, and the result came to be known as the Moon Massacre.

The Neptune governor capitulated, complying with the new royal dictates. The powerful Merchant Barons were not so docile. They did not ramp down production, but instead began stockpiling. No one knew it, but the Neptunian Uprising had begun.

Gaia Today: War
The war has raged for nearly 30 years. Brief cease-fire agreements have interspersed the last three decades, but they never last. Most of the conflict has taken place in the void of space between the great starship navies of the warring parties. Jupiter and the Pluto Collective have both joined the fight on the side of the Neptunians. Mars and Mercury Orbital have been staunch supporters of the monarchy. Everyone else is just trying to get by. Things are about to change though. The Oceanic Confederation, named symbolically for the wave of freedom the rebels seek to usher into existence, has finally set it's sights on the seat of power. The ancestral homeworld, Earth is the new battlefield. What this means for the tide of conflict remains to be seen...

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