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Let's Play Kingdom: Eshbal - C1S4

Crossroads: Will The Kingdom Stamp Out Bribery?
Player's Turn:  Celia
Characters in Scene: Trebva (Perspective), Gaithek (Power)
Set: Early Afternoon / The Temple of Eternal Light
Scene Goals: Celia hopes that Trebva can convince Gaithek that the problems facing Eshbal are not merely mundane policy issues.
Randomizer: Adventuresmith - "Bridge Wash Out" + Weaken, Elusive, Food

Scene #4

The Minister had been respectful enough to send a message the day prior to alert the Temple that he would be paying a visit in his official capacity. To ensure that the meeting would be both comfortable and fairly private a room was prepared for the purpose and plans laid for a light afternoon meal.

Trebva [V] and Gaithek [G] are seated at a small, well laid table in a second story room of the Temple's main tower.

T: *having just finished the formalities of greeting an Imperial official* How has the crusade fared since our last meeting? Your strong response to the Guild's rebuttal was certainly decisive, however little news has risen since then...

G: *with a deep sigh*  What I have learned in my short stay within Eshbal is that the "status quo" is the Temple's primary challenger for the hearts and souls of our citizens.  Whether it be a failure of my ability to explain adequately or a testament to the stuborness of greed, I have yet to find an ally within this city's leadership that can see the damage that bribery will do to the long term stability...the damage it already has done. [Weaken]

T: Sir, I feel then that you have misunderstood the Temple's overt support of your efforts and the Emperor's reform efforts.

G: No, I have certainly been appreciative of that fact. Indeed, it is the cornerstone that I must build upon for now. *Gaithek studies Trebva's face for a moment, deciding how candidly to proceed*  Yet, it is my instinct that you do not put forth that support in the fullness of your capacity to do so. The Temple, yes even your Holiness, seem to have reservations as well.  [Elusive]

T: Minister, you are both observant and perceptive. You are also right, in this matter. The Temple has been instructed to be supportive, but not effusive. You, in honor of the Emperor, are tackling an important pillar of corruption in this great city, but you appear to dismiss it's roots. With that kind of approach, the Temple sees failure as inevitable when you have restrained you efforts through well intended ignorance. [Weaken]

G: *with a touch of bite in his tone* Your Holiness, I must admit that your reputation for zeal is not unfounded. May I be so worthy as have my "well intended ignorance" illuminated, that it might be overcome?

T: I will be blunt. Your work is merely beginning, the path ahead is long and arduous. I can say this with certainty because it is the path I too have walked since being raised to Holy Seer in Eshbal. What you possess is a dedication to the causes of the Emperor that many of your predecessor's either lacked or lost upon running into the stubbornness that this city has built as surely as the curtain wall that surrounds it. Yet you look not at the core, the spiritual decay that is both cause and symptom of the corruption you would root out.  It is self perpetuating. The Temple of Eternal Light was once a powerful tool the Empire could wield to ward off and exorcise that decay. The ignorance I spoke of can be overcome if you accept that the the will of the divine requires our undivided faith in return for the moral certainly necessary to defeat the selfishness inherent in our spirits.

G: What you are proposing is not in keeping with the Emperor's wishes or views on the matter. The Temple was reduced from it's former power many years ago, and not without reason. They had began to challenge the Emperor not for the souls of men, but for the rule of the Empire. That you exist at all is a testament to the Emperor's faithfulness to the Light. More so, we have entered an age of enlightenment. The alchemists and astrologers of the empire discover the mundane causes for many of the Light claimed miracles every day. The Emperor has instructed me to rejuvenate this city's respect and adherence to the code of law, the hallmark of the Empire's greatness distilled for wealthy and commoner alike. I will accept any offer of assistance you propose, but I can not restore the Temple to what it once was. To put it bluntly I have neither the will nor the political capital.


Gaithek (Oscar): That was not how Gaithek expected the meeting to go. At the welcoming ball he had thought he had a strong ally in his corner. Now he sees that he is being handled by a religious hardliner who seems to have missed out on the glory days of the Temple's influence.  He may still have an ally hear, but he must be careful.

Tamriel (Eva): At her family's townhome Tamriel is hosting a dinner party that evening. She goes out of her way to invite a cross section of Eshbal's society to her gatherings. Tonight it pays off, as it often does. The Temple initiates she invited have been beside themselves with gratitude at being included into the heights of society.  In return they have been all to happy to discuss exhaustively the Minister's visit to the temple today. While they aren't privy to the details, it was an ill kept secret (if there had been any attempt to keep it at all) that the call had not gone as either party wished. Tamriel can't help but feel that this to her benefit, assuming she can gain the alliance with the new Minister that the Temple is failing to achieve.

Zufar (James): The rumblings have reached the Palace of the Guilds. Since the Gate closures there has been an uneasy armistice between the reform Minister and the city's money interests. However if word of a rift between the Minister and his sole ally, the Holy Seer, are true then perhaps they had brushed him aside already. This though has had Zufar grinning and whistling all afternoon.

Trebva (Celia):  Tebva could not be more disappointed in that meeting. They had been moving towards a strong working relationship, the Emperor's reform minister and the holy temple...she pushed to hard, was to blunt. She had intended to guide him along to the point where he could "discover" those truths for himself. Instead she had assaulted him, and his senses. But for him to think that this was sings that the Temple was repeating it's sins of the past, the audacity of the man was beginning to reveal itself.

Scene Outcome 
Advance Crossroad by 1

Time Advances 
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      • The Wrath of the Light will lead to drought (Celia)

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