Thursday, August 3, 2017

Let's Play Kingdom: Eshbal -C1S3

Crossroads: Will The Kingdom Stamp Out Bribery?
Player's Turn:  James
Characters in Scene: Narrated by Zufar (Touchstone)
Set: Morning / The Palace of the Guilds
Scene Goals: James wants Zufar to decide how to respond to Gaithek's actions.

Randomizer: Adventuresmith - "Someone Proposes" + Wish, Psychological, Structure

Scene #3

in a meeting with the other heads of the trade guilds, Zufar is killing off rumors, relaying the conversation from the day before with Minister Gaithek, and working over options with the other masters. [Proposal]

The guild master's are in agreement, the status quo has been a solid earner for many years. The cost is a fraction of the guilds' earnings,  so it is no hardship. As the saying goes, coin greases the wheel axel.
In the end, by a majority vote, the guilds' agree that ignoring the new Minister's thoughts until he takes it up as settled policy, is the way to go. the standard bribes will be increased to over come reluctance to offend the Ministry and to ensure that their shipments make it in and out of the city in a timely matter. {Structure] [Touchstone]


Gaithek (Oscar): I am flabbergasted. I didn't expect Zufar to get on board, but I certainly didn't anticipate outright dismissal. I know I need to move carefully to avoid upsetting the careful balance in Eshbal, but I have to retaliate to avoid being made irrelevant...I shut the Lions Gate for 24 hours to all trade wagons, caravans, couriers, etc. and I enlist the Garrison commander to help police the gates and markets, arresting anyone paying or taking a bribe. [Power]

Zafur (James):  [CHALLENGE]  Even assuming the Minister has that kind of authority, that's a lot of people to bring on board your crusade. Both Touchstones,  Zufar and Tamriel, have made it pretty clear that the people are not upset about the current set up and some even like it. So once I get word of the steps Gaithek is taking I make my way up to the Garrison and meet with the commander. My guild handles a lot of the fort's supplies, so I have a fair bit of influence. I convince him that he had more to lose than gain by assisting your crusade.

Gaithek (Oscar): Without direct orders from the Emperor, apart from the oath I swore to root out the corruption in Eshbal, I have to rely on protocol and good will. Zufar has the latter in much higher supply, so the Guard does not patrol the gate and markets. but the Lions Gate restrictions do hold, I am a Minister with imperial backing so I should be able to manage that.

Zafur (James): Sounds fair to me.

Tamriel (Eva):  I am in The Baths the following morning when the gossip reaches me. One of my would be suitors, and occasional companion, came looking for me to share in hopes of gaining favor.
All I can do is shake my head. Gaithek could have gone about his response to Zufar in a smarter way and attempted to bring some of the more influential sectors into the fold, but instead he has lashed out and played into his opponents hands. The people might be open to reformers, but they won't sit for long when you mess with the ebb and flow of goods and people, Eshbal's life blood. you can feel it, the seeds of anger ready to be sewn on fertile soil. [Touchstone]

Tebva (Celia):  [CHALLENGE] I am in my Temple office when a message is passed along, updating me on the situation. I approve of the goals, the zeal, but am uncertain of the effectiveness of the tactics. As bad as the bribery and graft institutions in Eshbal are for her people, they need to have their eyes opened.

I challenge Tamriel. I leave the Temple in my ritual robes, to stand out and project stature. I am well known and respected. I make my way to the Lions Gate where angry crowds are beginning to form on the city side, and begin to preach. Reminding all the faithful of the Eternal Flame which bring the purifying fires that may hurt us, but also rejuvenate the fields. I urge them to give the Minister's endeavors time to rejuvenate and to not let the pains put out their Flame.

Tamriel (Eva): That wouldn't be enough. if you would be willing to leverage your holy seat, proclaiming either prophesy or Eternal assurance that the rejuvenation will be quick to hand.

Tebva (Celia): I can't do that. As a true believer, deceiving on the back of the holy gift of prophesy would not be an option.

Tamriel (Eva): Ok. I'll throw you a bone, you take the edge off the crowds, but should the restrictions last beyond the day it will come right back.

Tebva (Celia): I like it!

Scene Outcome 
Advance Crossroad by 1

Time Advances 
☑ ☐ ☐ 

☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ 

 ☑ ☐ ☐ 
  • Predictions
    • Yes
      • None
    • No
      • The Wrath of the Light will lead to drought (Celia)

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