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Let's Play Kingdom: Eshbal - C1S2

Crossroads: Will The Kingdom Stamp Out Bribery?
Player's Turn:  Eva
Characters in Scene: Tamriel (Touchstone) , Gaithek (Power), Trebva (Perspective)
Set: Evening / Palace of the Ministry
Scene Goals: Eva intends to have Tamriel get acquainted with the new Minister, Celia will have Trebva push him on his plans for Eshbal, and Oscar hopes that Gaithek can hold his own.
Randomizer: Adventuresmith - "Rising Fame" + Deny, Frightful, Prophecy

Scene #2

Tamriel called in a few favors and tracked down a number of acquaintances, but in the end she managed to get and invitation to the welcoming ball in honor of the newly arrived Imperial minister. [Rising Fame]

She caught sight of him across the hall's expanse, and he was handsome if a bit rigid in his formality. He was alone for the moment, a rare occurrence this evening. Like a hawk Tamriel swooped on the opportunity. To her great displeasure she stepped up to the Minister just as High Priestess Trebva did the same.

Though many considered her wild beyond redemption, Tamriel knew how to dance to a tune when it suited her. For the time it did, so she bowed low and knuckled her forehead before the priestess.

Tamriel [T], Gaithek [G] and Trebva [V] stand, speaking quietly amid the ballroom's many guests
T: Your Holiness, may the light shine on you eternal...

V: *surprised, but masking it well* And on you, daughter. May it light the path you travel that you never lose your way.

G: *nods respectfully to the High Priestess and the society lady before him* Your Holiness, Lady...

T: Tamriel, Minister.  

G: Lady Tamriel. How can I be of service?

V: *She jumps in to prevent Tamriel from filling his head with bubbly non-sense* The Temple wishes to commend you on making a strong first impression. Personally it soothes the sorrows of my soul having heard it is your intention to stamp out the moral decay that hangs over Eshbal. I fear it may spread to the rest of the kingdom, left unfettered.  [Frightful]

G: I accept your praise with as much humility and I am able, but I must correct your Holiness. it is the Emperor's agenda I seek to pursue, not my own. And despite what reports have reached the Temple ahead of my first formal visit, I have not yet laid out the specifics of that agenda. [Deny]

T: *with a smirk that is both endearing and challenging* True, but if we assume that the Priestess has heard a tale similar, if less colorful, to those that are adrift in the streets then you have certainly been busy. Chastising Lord Zufar at the Lions Gate is certain to have all eyes on you.

G: Indeed, I had a conversation with the man you've mentioned.  We certainly did not see things a kin, but the law is clear. Imperial servants are paid by the emperor alone, in pursuit of His orders. Having walked the city's streets today, this is a tenant quite overlooked and done so openly in Eshbal. It's ease makes it an important pillar of corruption that I intend to see dismantled.

V: As you say, and expressed with admirable commitment and passion, the greed of this city is not to be taken lightly. Should it go unchecked you are certain to see the wrath of the Light leveled against our people, bringing great hardship on the road to regaining out humility and piety. Already the rains have ceased for a time, but a drought looms on the horizon. [Prophecy] [Perspective]

T: While none can argue the necessity that the laws are enforced, surely your Holiness would not believe that the weather is effected by the natural impulses of the human condition?  Minister, greed unchecked is indeed a liability, I agree. Yet, harnessed properly it is the single most reliable engine for progress the empire has ever found. To destroy rather than apply that engine for the sake of the letter of the law will not win the Emperor's favor in the long run. Using people's impulses to your benefit, that is the very meaning of leadership. [Deny]

G: In due time I intend to make the scope and focus of my career in Eshbal clear. Then you can more accurately praise or admonish my office. I will say this, you have both left me with a good deal to consider, though I am also disinclined to attribute the movement of the heavens with the displeasure of Heaven.


Gaithek (Oscar): While his commitment to the Emperor's mission is resolute, Tamriel made some valid points. Gaithek must now consider how to act for the greater good of the Empire in his obedience to the Emperor. 

Tamriel (Eva): Having held the attention of the new Minister, Tamriel feels energized knowing that she is on the path to rebuilding her reputation and influence. If he is willing or compromise when needs require, she could push him far.

Zufar (James): Refusing to attend after the slight at the Lions Gate, the following day delivered to him reports from a number of eyes and ears that did attend. He was most pleased to learn that not only had Tamriel pulled herself out of the wineries, but was both well behaved and well spoken enough to gain  the new Minister's attention.

Trebva (Celia): Trebva is quite irritated that the new Minister seems to focus solely material matters. The nature of the heart or soul are either beyond comprehension or lacking in merit to justify consideration. Whichever it is, the outlooks grows dim. Additionally, Tamriel took her by surprise. She is well known, one of the few true nobles on the frontier, but her reputation did not prepare Trebva for a respectable opponent in debate.
Perspective: If the kingdom does not stamp out bribery... The Wrath of the Light will lead to drought 

Scene Outcome 
Advance Time by 1

Time Advances 
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  • Predictions
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      • [NEW!] The Wrath of the Light will lead to drought (Celia)

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