Monday, July 31, 2017

Let's Play: Kingdom - Eshbal, Door to Hardship

For my new campaign I've decided to play Kingdom, from the makers of Microscope. I've been waiting for quite a while to play this game. These initial posts will be the info sheets for the Kingdom I've chosen and the cast of characters who will help move the story along.

Without further ado...

Eshbal, The Door to Hardship

Eshbal is a Persian inspire frontier city. On the outskirts of the Empire, this wealthy outpost acts as both guarding and gateway. Holding back the savage barbarians from beyond the borders the city fortress has withstood the test of time and siege alike. Arguable it is Eshbal's role enabling trade and diplomacy with the lands beyond the civilized lands that truly demonstrate the city's importance.
For this campaign the city will be the Kingdom, not the Empire as a whole.


  • The Empire is recognized far and wide as the center of the civilized world.
  • The most magnificent thing about the empire is it's code of law.
  • The so called "barbarians" are a mixture of fledgling nations and tribes.
  • Bribery is rampant. Living on the Empire's frontier has corrupted the people, wealthy and commoner alike. Bribery is only one symptom, but one of the more obvious one.
  • Foreign culture brought in by barbarian traders, dignitaries, and travelers has become fashionable in the city. Exotic garb, art, food, even gods are gaining wider support, leaving some citizens uneasy with the pace of change.
  • Drought conditions have raised the specter of famine. The wealthy are still well fed and the crops are still able to be irrigated, but the commoners are preparing to tighten their belts.
  • Palace of the Ministry - The center of government bureaucracy in Eshbal .
  • Imperial Garrison - A fortress withing a fortress, the garrison houses the imperial legion in Eshbal.
  • The Baths - A rare bastion of societal equality. Wealthy and commoner look the same naked.
  • The Dog Market - Crowded and bustling, the district gets it's name from the merchants shouting their wares.
  • Palace of the Guilds - If the Minsitry is the center of government, this is the center of commerce.
  • Warehouse District - Not all goods are destined to stay in Eshbal, before transport they are stored here.
  • Temple of the Eternal Flame - The place of worship in Eshbal for the Empire's officially sanctioned faith.
  • Garden of the Seven Pools - A beautiful park with seven reflecting pools, preferred for meditational practices and quiet walks.

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