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Let's Play Kingdom: Eshbal - C1S1

Crossroads: Will The Kingdom Stamp Out Bribery?
Player's Turn:  Oscar
Characters in Scene: Gaithek (Power) , Zufar (Touchstone)
Set: Late Morning / The Lion Gate
Scene Goals: Oscar will try to establish Gaithek's role as moralist, James will have Zaufar attempt demonstrate that bribery isn't hurting anyone.
Randomizer: Adventuresmith - "Being Spied On" + Absolve, Treacherous, Purity

[Note: This is the first scene I have played with these rules. Kingdom doesn't have a lot of crunch, it's a story game. My primary means of gamifying these scenes will be to use a randomizer/oracle to come up with some key components that I will need pivot the scene around. I will tag theses elements though the scene to demonstrate where they were used. At the same time I have to be consistent with the Player's interests and the Characters motivations. Finally, I will invoke the player's roles (Power, Perspective, Touchstone) as appropriate. All within the outline provided for playing scenes in the Kingdom rulebook.]

Scene #1

Gaithek has spent the week taking stock of the city. He can only describe his emotional state as dismayed. How could the great Empire sink so low over the relatively short distance between the capital and Eshbal? [Purity]

As he watches Zufar walks up to one of the Lion Gates many Watch guards. They speak briefly, laughing. The guard nods in Gaithek's direction. Zufar smiles, and something winks metallic in the sunlight as it's passed to the guard  [Spied On]

Zufar [Z] walks towards Gaithek [G] with a smile on his lips.
Z: Good morning, Minister. I have heard you are recently arrived, how is our fair city treating you?

G: *flicks his eyes to the Gate Watch, then back to Zufar*  I'm not sure how fair I have found it to be, sir...

Z: Zufar! To friend and foe alike. And I take your meaning, this is merely the cost of doing business. I do not mind so much as long as my trade wagons are not unnecessarily delayed in their coming and going. [Absolve]

G: Zufar...I surmise from your benevolence and fashion that you do well for yourself, and this business expenditure is no great matter. how fairs your competitors in this regard? Do they ever run short, unable to pay or match the cost to ensure their ventures run just as smoothly? [Purity]

Z: *with a good natured grimace* Ah, my dear Minister it is not my business to mind others on their behalf. However, trade is a competitive venture and advantages must...[Absolve]

G: *cutting him off* At the sake of transgressing the just laws of our Emperor? [Treacherous]

Z: [Zufar is finally aware that he has swum into the deep end of the intrigue pool] Minister, surely you understand the ways in which the world moves. The law is a fine thing for keeping the human beast at bay, but in it's shade lay the leavers of progress and prosperity. [Absolve]

G: His Highness does not share your views on reality. As his sworn Minister of Imperial Oversight it is my charge to bring Eshbal back from the brink of lawlessness, his will be done. Let it be known, the old ways of intentional ignorance are over. The Emperor's law will reign here again.
*quick pivot and sharp steps away*


Tamriel (Eva): In a nice but spirited winehouse not far from the Lions Gate, the show down between the new Minister and Zufar was widely discussed. Tamriel is more than pleased to hear that Zufar had gotten his ear tweaked, but she agrees with most of the patrons. Standing in the way of trade here in Eshbal was like stepping in front of a rock slide in any case, the new Minister intrigues her she makes note to gain his acquaintance. 
Touchstone: The Minister's are unlikely to be effective.

Trebva (Celia): As high priestess, Trebva divides her time between the Ministry palace and the Temple. This morning it was the Ministry. Word of the exchange traveled at speed, as any Eshbalian would expect. The emperor had sent reformers in the past, but this one had a spark that set him apart. Trebva felt renewed hope that her broken city might have a chance at redemption once more.

Gaithek (Oscar): Gaithek knew that he'd caused a scene, though it was a short exchange and mild at that. However in a city like this, ears were everywhere and mouths galloped like yearlings. He hadn't planned it, but it was good for the word to spread.  Business as usual would not endure his devotion to the law or his vows to the throne. 

Zufar (James): He hated walking away from a loss, and there was no doubt in his mind that he had come out worse for the effort with the Minister. Always the powers that be want to have their cake and eat it too. More money, more taxes, the cycle goes on but now they wish it to be done in the light. Money grows like mushrooms, out of sight and in the dark. Still, they had brushed back reformers in the past. What is one more?
Touchstone: Like the reforms of the past, this one isn't to be taken serious.

Scene Outcome 
Advance Crossroads by 1

Time Advances 
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