Monday, July 31, 2017

Casting Call: Kingdom - Oscar / Gatithek

The Player: Oscar

Oscar loves a good story. He's more than happy to play along, even if the in game effects are not in his favor, as long as the narrative is interesting. Above all stories, Oscar can't refuse a good revenge plot. In his view character's who have been harmed, slighted, or even just embarrassed should be plotting their revenge. However there is one story type he hates, Sea Voyages.

The Character: Gaithek

Gaithek is a Minister of Imperial Reform. Raised to the newly restored office, he is on the front line of the Emperor's crusade against corruption. It is his solemn vow to root it out and turn it back wherever he should be sent.

The Bond
Tamriel (Eva)

Tamriel's greed and vanity are the embodiment of everything wrong with the empire. However she is a blooded noble and Gaithek is duty bound to pay her proper respect.

Palace of Ministry, Imperial Garrison

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