Monday, July 31, 2017

Casting Call: Kingdom - James / Zufar

The Player: James

James loves characters. Whatever rules are being used, he will find a way to put the people of the game world front and center. His favorite narrative mechanics is connivance. Given a chance, he enjoys nothing more than putting together a sneaky theme.

The Character: Zufar

Zufar, is a wealthy trader and merchant. He has made his gold by never fearing to go where the people and profits lead. For a number of years they have lead directly through Eshbal: money, merriment, and intrigue all can be found on the frontier.

The Bond
Trebva [Celia]

The High Priestess, Trebva, is not part of Zufar's fan club. She has often been known to use the merchant as a symbol of the corrupting decadence she views as a plague upon the city.

Palace of the Guilds, The Warehouse District, The Lions Gate

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