Monday, July 31, 2017

Casting Call: Kingdom - Eva / Tamriel

The Player: Eva

To tell a good story Eva believes you must begin by building good relationships between the characters. Whoever she plays, you can be sure she'll be trying her hardest to build those connections with the other players. As stories go she certainly has a thing for story arcs about debt and despair, some about times the depths of the fall but often about the triumph of the comeback. She's not a big fan of death in stories, though.

The Character: Tamriel

Tamriel is an attractive, well born rogue. She was sent to her family's estate in the frontier city while her "indiscretions" in the capital are being smoothed over. Will she take the opportunity to grow up or just move the party?

The Bond
Zufar (James)

Zufar is an associate of her father's, having done quite a lot of business together in the years before the merchant relocated to Eshbal. He has been tasked with keeping an eye on her and reporting on her behavior.

The Baths, The Dog Market, Townhouse

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