Monday, July 31, 2017

Casting Call: Kingdom - Celia / Trebva

The Player: Celia

Celia has a weakness for characters who fulfill their duty in the face of hardships. She also loves to incorporate divine or supernatural elements into the narrative. However, she doesn't like to play characters with an unbalanced sense of self-importance. She understands that a story needs a varied cast, she'd just rather leave the annoying blow-hard types to someone else.

The Character: Trebva

Trebva is the devout High Priestess of the Eternal Flame, the empires official faith. She administers to the city's spiritual needs and has made it her crusade to push back against the influx of barbaric heresy. She is one of the youngest of the faithful to be raised to the rank of Holy Seer.

The Bond
Gaithek (Oscar)

Gaithek frustrates her tremendously. His commitment to fighting corruption should make them great allies, but he is focused on administrative solutions for problems she views as spiritual in nature.

The Temple of Eternal Flame, the Palace of the Ministry

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